Lördag eftermiddag – tömkörning Pepper

Today it was easy to get Bunny and Tea indoors.
Eftermiddagen ägnade min pappa åt att jobba mera på stängslet medan jag pysslade med hästarna och Sandra red ut en vända på Calinka. Och så tömkörde vi lite med Pepper.
The afternoon my father worked with the fence while I cared for the horses and Sandra took Calinka for a trail ride. And Pepper got long reined.

Not perfectly sharp, but the only picture where he gaits – and he actually gaited a lot. But this was the only picture that showed it OK.
Sandra is trying to long rein – it takes some time to get the idea.
Calinka enjoyed not wearing a rug.
Percy wanted to get indoors and pawed the ground.
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