Alla stona fick löshoppa. Eller vad de nu valde att göra. Bunny stod mest i ett hörn medan Whizzy for runt, hoppade, vände 180 grader och hoppade tillbaka… Nåja, jag tror att de alla tyckte att det var kul – även om de hoppade och sprang mer eller mindre. De fick välja själva – är man så dräktig så är det förståligt om man inte vill fara runt som bara den…

All mares got to jump. Or what they chose to do. Bunny was mostly standing in a corner while Whizzy ran around, jumped, turned around and jumped back… Well, I think all of them enjoyed it – even if they jumped more or less. They were free to chose  as pregnancy has made some of them a little fat…


Honey seems to have started to think it is a little fun.

Iris enjoys jumping.

Rose starts to get a clue about it.

Even Percy jumped a couple of times. (Here with Whizzy)

Whizzy had so much fun!

Honey could even buck a little.


Whizzy and most of the other girls.



One of few pictures of Bunny – she doesn’t look totally happy.

One of few pictures with Calinka (she is behind Iris that jumps, probably trying to figure out how to get over that white thing).

Whizzy, Honey & Iris

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