Äntligen – en ordentlig ridtur!

Jag och Calinka nöjt i det fina sommarvädret. Fast Calinka ansåg att vi borde tagit insektsridtäcket. Samt att hon borde fått gå fortare. Jag tyckte dock inte att det var lämpligt då tant är lite otränad. Percy ville så klart med, så hon visade på oanade talanger när hon tog sig ut genom en grind vi nästan aldrig använder. Två gånger. Hon trycker sig emot trägrinden tills den går upp… Tack och lov skadade hon sig inte, eller gick in till Pepper. Tur att det fanns grannar “på hemmaplan” som fick tag på henne – jag hade 15-20 minuter hem på trött Calinka (även om hon inte erkände det).
Calinka and I enjoyed the beautiful summer evening (this is how light it is between 20.00-21.00 right now) . But Calinka hsd prefferd the “fly riding rug”. And that she could have run more and faster. I insisted on slowing down as she is not in a very good shape. Percy wanted to join us, and showed some unknown talents – opening gates. Twice. Apparently she pushed the wood gate, that we use very seldom, until it got open. Thanks goodness that she didn’t hurt herself, or run into Peppers pasture. Luckily there was neighbors that caught her (twice).  I had about 15 – 20 minutes to get back home on a tired (but not admitting it) Calinka.
After heading of, turn left at the yellow sign.
When getting to the big building in the background, turn right.

…then you get on this road…

…that takes you to the forrest ….and you can speed it up…

..continue to canter – at least if Calinka decides…

you have to turn right at the end of the road, and rather soon you get to this…
..and this…turn right at then end of this road as well…

..that gets slightly downhill into this, but turn right, don’t pass the barns here… And then you get home on roads like this, like 20- 30 minutes later (if continue with some speed). In total – 1 hour and 20 minutes with Calinka and some walking – if she decides – one hour probably. Enjoy!
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