Så var det dags igen – att klura ut vad som krävs för hästpass. Nåja, jag tror jag har gjort det och idag har Bunny fått microchip och blivit Id- beskrivning. Nu ska bara ett par blanketter skrivas ut, fyllas i och skickas in.
Calinka och Percy fick komma ut en kort vända med Mika på släp och jag har trimmat runt staketet. Allt under kontroll alltså! Bara Pepper som nog gärna hade jobbat, men jag tyckte två dagar i rad var nog – det blir hans dag imorgon.
Just, Calinka är en rejäl bitch – skriker och sparkar efter bunny helt utan anledning. Tant.
And now it was time again – to figure out how to get a passport for Bunny. I think I have done so and today she got her microchip and had her id described. Now I just have to fill out some pappers and put everything in the mail.
Calinka and Percy went on a short trail ride with Mika joining us. I have been cutting a lot of things growing around the pastures and getting the fence less electrified. Everything is under control! It is just Pepper that had wanted to do something but I thought two days in a row could be enough – it is his day tomorrow.

Pepper says hello when the two returns to the pasture.

Maria and Bunny did some respect training a couple of minutes and cuddled.
And Calinka is a bitch – just screamed and kicked after Bunny for no reason at all.
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