It started of great – 3 horses in one pasture – mom and yearling sister…

Mira behöver fotas så att jag äntligen kan få iväg papprens och registrera henne. Men det är inte alltid helt enkelt… Har nog lyckats med väldigt många dåliga fotofel: smutsig lins, rörig bakgrund – saker som skymmer i bakgrunden, stenar för hovarna och så minerna… Här är ett axplcok av bilderna jag tog – de flesta borde nog raderats direkt.

Conformation photos

I’m not sure that it should be 2 for 1 conformation photos…(and a dirty lens)
Mira needed to get photos taken for her registration. But it isn’t always that easy… Seems as I manged to get very many not so good picture and made a lot of fault… a dirty lens, stone covering the hoofs, a background that contains a lot of things, horses everywhere and the faces made… I guess most should have been deleted immediately.
OK, better, I like this and Mira is posing  nicely – but mom covers her but a little…
Maybe I should have picked this one? She is nicely lined up…

OK, she stands nicely, but can you send a photo with a sleeping horse?

OK, a second earlier she looked fine… Is this a horse?
The front picture that I plan to use..
The hind picture that I plan to use.

OK, nothing fabulous, but this might be the best right side picture. Guess I use this for registration.

Probably best left side picture and she shows all her legs very clearly…

Scratching is nice – needs to relax after the photo session.

An extra picture that I like – Bunny.
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