Honey ankomst

I think she liked to be in a pasture – she started by running and bucking for a few minutes.

Nu är hon äntligen här! Min Honey. Hon har rest bra, men jag märker att hon är medtagen.

She is finally home! My Honey. She travelled well but she needs a lot of rest.

You can se that her stomach has a line – probably due to a little to less drinking during travel – even if the transporter said she did fine. But, it is long road for them. Within just a day she had lost it.

The plan was to introduce Honey to Calinka but Calinka looked more like she would like to kill Honey and got her all stressed up from the pasture close by. So, I had to go and get Whizzy – a much better choice.









Honey even started to groom Whizzy.





I found them sleeping together the following day.

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