Honey ihopsläpp

Äntligen tid att släppa ihop Honey med resten av flocken. Calinka surade som bara den så hon fick vänta en stund så att Iris och Percy hade hunnit hälsa på nykomlingen innan hon fick vara med. Percy visade tydligt vem som bestämde – mycket annat var inte att vänta. Bunny fick vänta någon dag så att Pepper hade sällskap. Även hon talade om att Honey inte hade mycket att komma med, men det blev inte något spring eftersom de övriga redan hade gjort upp. Så härligt med en stor flock och att kunna ha alla ston tillsammans!

Honey with the herd

Finally time to let Honey get to know all the others. Calinka was grumpy so she had to wait to meet Honey until Percy and Iris had got a chance to check her out. Percy showed who was the boss but I didn’t expect anything else. Bunny got to wait a day to meet the newcomer as she kept Pepper company. She also told Honey her place but there were hardly any running as the others already had made up. I really like my big herd – it is so nice to be able to keep all mares together.

Whizzy & Honey stayed together a lot.


By some reason Percy was irritated by insects the day before so she still was wearing a protective rug. Otherwise none of my horses has this Summer.

But, Pepper needs to get company to so I have keep someone with him as well. Still, it is nice to be able to rotate the mares and they often seems to work as one herd – calling out for the others even if separate pastures.  And when they know each other there is usually no problem to move horses from one of the pastures to another.

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