Mobilbilder från veckan

Några av korten är från när vi
arbetade på att få dit knutar och foder kring dörrar…
Some of the pictures is from when we tried to make white corners at the shelter…
A dog and a horse, a little bit dark and it gets difficult to get a sharp picture… Still, I like it in some kind of way. Look closely at Mika and you see that she is on a leash. My self, bare back on Calinka. We cantered this way (while I didn’t make photos…)

Pepper looking at the new pasture (that never seems to be finished). He really likes this corner of his pasture. I am standing on a “cliff” in the mares pasture.

Maria warming up Percy before making a video for Percys certification

Percy is curious…

Pepper is curious, a second later he is close to me.

..have to check this out…

Percy still can’t get enough of her new “toy”

Maybe I can taste Ingrid a little while she is at the ladder…this horse don’t give up… (we tried to scare her away – impossible).

At least Pepper could keep a couple of feet away while working in his pasture…

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