Lugn lördag – bildbomb

Happy family

Min kropp tyckte att det blev lite mycket igår så idag myste jag bara med hästarna. Samt testade att leda Tea ett par steg inne i boxen. Dessutom fick jag se en betäckning till av Bunny – men fick inte till någon skarp bild.

Lazy Saturday
My body thought it got a little bit to much yesterday so today I only enjoyed spending time with my horses. And tried to lead tea a couple of steps in the stall. I also visited one more breeding of Bunny but sadly didn’t get any sharp picture.

Taking a nap – enjoying the wonderful weather.
OK – she might be interested…
…have to sniff the ground…
..and analyze carefully…
Calinka is also in heat – and stands drawling on the other side of the fence –  notice the raised tail…
How does he always managed to get his tongue in pictures?
Belly is getting bigger
Yellow horse in yellow pasture
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