In your face – one reason why I have few pictures from the pasture…
Äntligen har det flutit på i en eller ett par veckor: alla hästar har blivit tränade som jag önskat! Pepper har fått jobba en del, idag dressyr, i lördags uteritt med Calinka. Calinka har också fått jobba på, mest ute på vägarna och har börjat galopperas. Bunny och Percy har också varit ute nästan varannan dag och jobbat lite lätt på vägarna eller stubbåkern.
Hoppas vi kan hålla detta upp minst en månad. Då kan hästarna delta i ett par roliga aktiviteter som är på gång…
Well, I got something, but what did she do with her tongue?


Finally everything has been going according to plan. All horses have been worked regularly the last weeks. Pepper has gotten some time to work: today dressage, Saturday 30 minutes at the roads with Calinka. Calinka has also been worked, mostly on the trails; now she has started to canter. Percy and Bunny have also been out nearly every second day and worked slightly on the roads around her or at the field.
I hope we can keep this up for at least a month. then the horses can participate in a lot of fun things that is coming up…
Tea and Bunny
Embla is growing and getting darker every day.
Curious Embla, checking out the car.
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