Ensamma hemma

Tea came to say hello.
David och jag har varit ensamma hemma i helgen så det har blivit lite längre tid i stallet, även om det inte blivit så mycket gjort. Mest har vi borstat av päls och lekt lite med dem på hemma plan även om Bunny fick följa med på en lite längre promenad.
Jag hämtade David och jag hösilage medan Frida och Nanette motionerade hästar. Pepper var väldigt nöjd med att äntligen bli riden igen!

Home alone

The mares wanted a “girls day in the pasture”, so Pepper got to be alone a day.

David and I have been home alone this weekend so we have spent a little more time in the stable. It has mostly been grooming, trying to get rid of some hair and some playing at home. But, Bunny joined us for a walk yesterday.
Today David and I go some more food for the horses while Frida and Nannette worked the horses. Pepper was very happy to finally be worked under saddle again!
David was very happy to see her and she had to try the grass close to us!
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