The knights horses – these two have been here each year that I have had my horses at Ekenäs.
I helgen har det varit riddarspel på Ekenäs. Enligt en källa var det 3000 besökare under lördagen så det är inget litet arrangemang. Jag och Calinka lyckades smita ut en tur, vi blir mer eller mindre helt inlåsta bakom alla tält och gästhästars hagar. Exempelvis stannade minst 12 hästar över natt fredag till lördag.

The jousting games

This weekend there were jousting games at Ekenäs. According to one source it were about 3000 visitors during Saturday so it is no small arrangement Calinka and I managed to get out on a trail ride, we nearly get totally locked up behind all tents, cars and visiting horses temporary pastures. For example the night between Friday and Saturday we had at least 12 horses that spent the night.
Two different places for tournaments and knights.
OK, he is a cossack that visited as well…
A knight and a cossack – both females.
The parking at Saturday slightly before lunchtime.
Me and Calinka is getting back after our trail ride at Saturday.
I got surprise to meet those big oxes, they haven’t been here before to my knowledge.

It is huge! And apparently know how to pull a wagon.
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