Glömde broddarna hemma

The road to the stable – looked really fine.

Vägen såg ju fin ut när jag åkte till stallet, lite snö i kanterna men vem orkar brodda? Vilken dag som kommer det att vara lervälling igen…

Fast jag fick ångra mig, de flesta vägar jag tänkte rida på var hala så det fick bli off road in i skogen istället…

The road to the stable looked so fine, a little snow at some places, but mostly fine. Grips would take so much time to put on – why bother? It would soon be muddy again…

But I had to regret my decision as most of the roads I had planned to ride on was much more slippery. So, we got off road in the forest instead.

When we got off road we didn’t have to bother about ice anyway, but there was so much more snow…

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