Barnen rider

Isac lead this trail ride with Percy all the way!

Under hösten har jag några gånger fått med mig barnen och rida. Äntligen kan Isac och jag rida ut tillsammans. Han har fortfarande mycket att lära, men tack vare snälla hästar fungerar det! I skritt och lite tölt i alla fall. David får ha ledare, men han vill gärna träna sin balans eller stanna och svänga hästen.

The kids on horse back

This Autumn has I got the kids to follow me on horseback. Finally can Isac and I trail ride together. He still has a lot to learn, but thanks to my gentle horses does it work! Mostly walk and some gait, but still. David needs some one to lead his horse, but he like to train his balance and to stop and turn the horse.

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