Percy besiktigad

 Och hon gick igenom:
Dear Ms. Amadori –  I have just examined the 2 yr. old Rocky Mt. filly.  I found no abnormalities on physical exam and flexion tests and hoof test were normal.  Ultrasound exam demonstrated both ovaries and uterus present, but at this time small. This filly is only green halter broke.  My only question is her size.  She appeared small to me but the lady has a measuring stick so I told her to measure the filly and report her findings to you. I consider this filly sound in wind, limb and sight.  Total charges will be $100.00 and I will run the card and e-mail if I have problems.
Och jag får nya foton av henne hela tiden; så söt! Det kom även en video där hon råkar hoppa över en lite stock!
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