Bunny finner sig tillrätta

In the big pasture.
Drove the car close to the stable so Isac could stay in the car – Bunny got curious…

Isac är sjuk, men vi var tvungna att kolla till hästarna imorse och ge dem lite större hage.  Bunny verkar finna sig tillrätta och var mer intresserad av mig idag. Hon har också lyckats ha hål i täcket (men det var väldigt slitet innan) och så fick hon komma in och lyfta fötterna. Hovslagaren behöver nämligen komma och kolla till hennes fötter. Hon är väldigt snäll och gullig!
Pepper och Percy är som avundsjuka barn och vill ha all uppmärksamhet själv. Så nu klättrar de nästan bokstavligen upp i knäet på en om man kommer in till dem för att få mest uppmärksamhet…

Isac has fever and a sold today, but we had to go visit the horses anyway to give the a little bigger pasture. Bunny seems to get along well and was more interested in me today. She has also managed to make a hole in the rug (but it was very worn before) and I brought her in to lift her feet. She needs a farrier as her feet has become a bit to long so we have to train to make that possible. She is so sweet!
The holes wasn’t there yesterday – but the very thin part. I thought she wanted a bigger rug, but this was the one that fitted her the best.

Calinka always pees like this – with the tail on her back – but it might be the first time I got a picture of it.
Percy and Pepper is like jealous kids – just want all the attention by themselves. That makes them nearly literally climb up in your lap if you get into their field, trying to get most attention.
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