Rider Pepper i snön – bilder

I often start Pepper by lounging a couple of laps, especially if he hadn’t been out for a while.
Äntligen kom jag upp på Peppers rygg och äntligen fick jag några bilder från det… Han var pigg och glad över att få bli riden, men skötte sig bra. jag som ryttare skötte mig inte lika bra och tippade framåt väl mycket flera gånger. Tydligen inte riktigt i bra ridbalans.
Preparing to get on board.

Finally I got in Peppers saddle and finally I got some pictures from such an event… He had some energy and was very happy to to work, but behaved well. Me as a rider instead didn’t do as good, I leaned forward every now and then. Apparently I don’t have a perfect balance on horseback right now.

Started out well, but seconds after this photo Pepper tried to roll in the snow, you can see how he checks out the snow…

Trot – he likes to do that in the snow, seems to be easier as even Percy that don’t chose that gait otherwise trots in the snow.  
Working nicely.

Canter – the most fun according to Pepper.
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