Inte mycket händer – bildbomb

Förkylningen håller fortfarande ett hårt grepp om mig så det blir inte mycket gjort i stallet. (Jag känner inte för att gnälla över förkylningen, men den känns efter två veckor fortfarande som när den bröt ut…) Men, jag hann och orkade borsta igenom alla hästarna härrom dagen samt göra lite trick med dem. Samt att bara vara i hagen ett tag och fotografera. Det är så enormt grönt och vackert ute! Och hästarna har tappat vinterpälsen och är så vackra.
Teas mage verkar bra och hon blir mer och mer nyfiken för varje dag som går. Nu gäller det bara att hon inte blir för förtjust i människor och helt tappar respekten.

Not much is happening
The cold is still holding a tight grip of my health so I just can’t do a lot in the stable. (I am not going to start to whine about the cold but it might be the worst ever; after two weeks everyday still feels as the worst day when a cold starts…)  But I had time and energy to groom all horses and do some trick with them. And to hang around in the pasture for some time. It is so green and beautiful right now! And the horses has gotten the short summer fur and is so pretty.
Tea’s stomach seems to be better and she is getting more and more curious every day. Now we only have to make her to keep the respect to people.
Pepper found a tree that was perfect to use for scratching…
Pepper and I took a walk around the closes buildings. Sometimes I bring a stick to be able to give him better signals when I want him to do shoulder in from the ground. Well, Pepper carried it for me for some time.
Hello! Are you coming to visit us!
Tea is already eating a lot of grass.
Most days Pepper and Percy have to cuddle a little when I let them out after feeding.
The horse that makes silly faces as soon as the camera comes across…
I like something about this picture even if it isn’t sharp. Pepper and Percy came running when I whistled.
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