Sandra jobbar

First horse to be worked – Pepper. He and Sandra is getting to know each other.
Idag var jag någon form av hästskötare och arbetsledare som hjälpte till att fixa iordning hästar och sa vad som skulle göras. Sandra fick utföra. Nåja, jag bar på David, så det fanns en anledning. Tidigare i veckan har både Sandra och Maria varit ute med Calinka.

Sandra works

Today I were some kind of groom and work leader. I helped to prepare the horses and told what to do. Sandra had to do. Well, I had a reason – I was carrying David. Earlier this week both Sandra and Maria have been out with Calinka.
Second horse – Bunny a short walk in the pasture.
Third horse – Calinka. When I had feed David and finished in the stable Mika and I went to meet them comeing back.
Percy found something interesting in the car…
Mika – that wasn’t impressed and barked to protect “her” car – she didn’t want Percy in there with her.
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