Ett sto till

New girl.

First Pepper and the new mare got to spend some time on their own.

The first mare prefers if the new comes keeps some distance.

Ett sto till anlände idag. Hon stannar bara över brunsten, så även här blir det en snabb visit.  Ihopsläppet gick i alla fall bra, nu behöver de bara få en lite stund tillsammans. Men, stoet som redan går med Pepper blev lite avundsjuk och vill hålla nykomlingen borta. Förhoppningsvis ger det sig snart – annars får de gå med honom varannan dag.


Pepper mostly seems bored about the mares “fight” over him.

One more mare arrived today. She only stays during the heat, so it is going to be a fast visit. Everything went fine, so now they only need to get some time together. The mare that is already with Pepper got a little possessive about Pepper. Hopefully it works fine soon – otherwise they get a day each.

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