Varför är inte varje morgon såhär?

This was what meet me – sleeping/sunbathing horses.

Someone woke up – needed a tongue stretch…

Bunny ska ha medicin två gånger om dagen. Idag var en underbar morgon. Den påminner mig om att det är så jag vill ha det – bara gå ut och säga hej till hästarna, se dem i hagen från fönstret  eller bara klappa och mysa en kort stund  lite närsom under dagen.

Why isn’t every morning like this?

Bunny is getting medicine twice daily. Today was a wonderful morning. It reminded me that I would love to have the horses outside my window, to pat them just as you pass by, to go cuddle or fix the water at any time during the day.

Tea got curios…
..and started to kiss..

…and to taste a bit – apparently she has some baby teeth…
Percy’s mane turned out to be a mess so I had to braid it…

Calinka got her ears scratched.

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