Barnponnyn Whizzy

Jag behövde promenera Whizzy men hade två barn hemma. Så ett barn fick vara i vagnen och det andra på hästryggen. Sedan fick häst, hund och barn följa med till skogen. Vid närmare eftertanke var nog Whizzy riden omkring tre timmar totalt i hela sitt liv innan den här turen. Hon skötte sig perfekt!

På väg ut ur skogen såg jag plötsligt en stor timmerbil komma mot oss. Som tur var, var vi precis vid ett vägskäl och jag lyfte snabbt ner David och gick iväg några meter med Whizzy. Det hade inte behövts för Whizzy stod helt stilla.


The kids pony

I needed to walk Whizzy but had two kids at home. So, one kid in the stroller and the other on the horse.Then horse, dog and kids went with me to the forest. While I thought a little I realised that Whizzy had had a human on her back for about three hours totally in her life before this walk. She behaved perfectly!

On our way back and nearly getting out of the forest I saw a big truck coming our way. Luckily, we were at a crossing so I quickly got David of the horse and walked Whizzy some meters away from him and the stroller. There was no need for that as Whizzy just stod calmly and watched while the truck passed.




What we meet in the forrest – this was when it turned back and we were home safely.








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